Whalers Village Museum at Kaanapali

At Whalers Village Museum in Kaanapali you can learn about the Maui history of whaling. Whaler's Village Museum at Kaanapali on Maui has over 200,000 visitors a year who experience what life was like for Maui whalers and whales from 1825 to 1860.

This museum allows us to mix in some interesting Maui whaling history with the shopping and Kaanapali beach so close by.

Whalers Village Museum Exhibits

Scrimshw exhibit at the Whalers Village Museum in Kaanapali on Maui And we can drop by just about anytime - the Whaler's Village Museum is usually open daily in Whaler's Village at the Kaanapali Beach Resort.

The museum has all sorts of exhibits:

• one of the largest scale models of a whaling ship in the world, which has a replica of the cramped living quarters of whaling crews

• Hawaii’s largest collection of harpoons, tools, sea chests, sailor journals, and ship logs

• artifacts, photo murals, movies, and graphics about the sailors

• scrimshaw - engraved or tattooed pictures on sperm whale teeth and sperm whale bone, etched in with knives and rubbed over with ink to bring out the design.

• a 19th-century birdcage made from whale bone

• ornaments and utensils made from whale tooth ivory

Of course, there is also a museum gift shop which sells jewelry, sculptures and a large selection of books about whales and whaling.

As long as you are at Whalers Village, there are other free Maui activities - watch the free hula show or visit Kaanapali Beach.

Whalers Village Museum Video

My video of the Whalers Village Museum includes old whalers songs and some background whale sounds - grunts, squeals and whistles, as well as some video of diving whales.

Click on the PLAY button in the image below to view the video.

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