Westin Maui Luau
Menu and Show

The Kaanapali Westin Maui Luau menu and show:

Westin Maui Luau Menu

The Wailele Polynesian Luau menu at the Westin Maui luau:

Pupus (Appetizers)
• Lomi Lomi Salmon (ala’e salt-cured salmon, kula tomatoes, maui onion, scallions)
• Pipikaula Poke (peppered-dry beef seaweed, sesame, soy sauce)
• Cucumber Seaweed Salad
• Kula Island Greens (papaya seed, kula lavender, coconut ranch dressing)
• Hawaiian Style Potato Macaroni Salad
• Maui Gold Pineapple (with Tahitian vanilla dip)
• Island Poi

Main Course
• Kalua Pua’a - slow-roasted pork
• Huli Huli Chicken (with guava barbeque sauce)
• Steamed I’a fish (with ginger, tomato relish)
• Pa’ia Dry Mein Noodles (plantation-style noodles) upcountry vegetables
• Moloka’i Sweet Potatoes
• Steamed Sticky Rice

• Hawaiian Sweet Bread Pudding (with Maui pineapple rum sauce)
• Pineapple Upside Down Cake
• Guava Chiffon - Chocolate Chantilly Cake
• Haupia (Hawaiian coconut pudding)

Westin Maui Luau Show

The Wailele Polynesian Luau show at the Westin Maui luau will include many of the following activities and acts:

• Check-in and shell lei greeting
• Guests seated and tropical cocktails served
• Interactive cultural activities, such as poi ball demonstration, wooden tiki carving, henna tattoo and local Maui vendors
• Hukilau Hula Lesson with guest participation
• Conch shell call and opening dance

• Chant (Oli)
• Ancient Hula (Kahiko)
• Tahitian Dance (Otea)
• Hawaiian Hula (Hula 'Awana)
• Haleakala - Men’s Hawaiian Hula
• Tongan Dance
• Tahitian Dance (Ahuroa)
• Maori - Haka, Nawaka
• Samoan Slap Dance (Fa’ataupati)
• Blue Hawaii- Hawaiian Solo
• Fijian Warrior
• Tahitian dance (Aparima)
• Hawaiian Wedding Song
• Fire Knife (Siva Afi) Grand Finale Performance - 'the most extreme fire knife show on Maui' - with Chief Tavita, a third generation fire knife dancer, and his troupe of five fire knife dancers

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Westin Maui Luau

Westin Maui Luau
Menu and Show

Westin Maui Luau
Ticket Prices and Reservations

Westin Maui Luau

Photo by All About Hawaii

Maui Westin Wailele Polynesian Luau maori
A Maori warrior among the audience during the Westin Maui luau.

Photo by All About Hawaii

Maui Westin Wailele Polynesian Luau danceers.
Tahitian dancers onstage during the Wailele Polynesian luau show.

Photo by All About Hawaii

Fiji warrior at the Wailele Polynesian Luau at the Maui Westin at Kaanapali
A Polynesian warrior

What is Ahi Poke with Limu? - Poke is a 'chopped salad' of 'ahi' (raw yellowfin tuna) with a few greens such as 'limu' (algae)

What are Kalbi-style ribs? - Korean BBQ beef short ribs, usually with a Hawaiian sweet sauce

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