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Westin Maui Luau

My Kaanapali Maui luau review of the Westin Maui Luau menu and show, schedule, location and parking, ticket prices and reservations, and pictures.

You will like the Westin Maui Luau IF...

• You favor a small audience size - less than half of the larger Kaanapali luaus.

• You want to sit at an individual table that seats about eight persons, rather than wander along the endless rows of tables common to the larger luaus.

• You like a grand finale - the show features not one, but five Samoan fire knife dancers.

Westin Maui Luau Menu & Show

View my detailed Westin Maui Luau menu and show page.

Westin Maui Luau Schedule

The Westin Maui Luau schedule occurs twice a week - Tuesday and Thursday.

Westin Maui Luau
Ticket Prices and Reservations

Visit my Westin Maui Luau Tickets page for ticket prices for adults and children.

Westin Maui Luau Pictures

My large Westin Maui Luau Pictures page shows you up close and personal pictures, such as this Maori warrior onstage at the Westin Maui luau.

Randy Willis on Maui My
Westin Maui Luau

Westin Maui Luau
Menu and Show

Westin Maui Luau
Ticket Prices and Reservations

Westin Maui Luau

Maui Westin
Location & Parking

The Wailele Polynesian Luau is held at the Maui Westin, which is next door to Whalers Village at the Kaanapali Beach Resort.

• If you are staying at Kaanpali, you can just walk along the oceanside walkway to the Westin.

Kaanapali oceanside walkway in front of the Maui Westin

Kaanapali oceanside walkway in front of the Maui Westin

• If you drive to Kaanapali, you can use the paid parking lot just to the north of Whaler's Village, or try for a free parking space in the few free parking spaces in the obscure lot just to the south of Whaler's Village, then walk next door to the Westin.

• Complimentary Shuttle Service is available from the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas and Sheraton Maui Resort.

Maori warrior at the Maui Westin Wailele Polynesian Luau

Photo by All About Travel

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