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The Royal Lahaina luau provides an inexpensive family friendly show at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Kaanapali.

This is the longest running luau at Kaanapali, so there is definitely a demand for a luau that is wallet friendly.

If you want to attend an inexpensive luau that doesn't blow your vacation budget, this is the luau for you.

Royal Lahaina Luau Price and Tickets

My Royal Lahaina Luau tickets page includes current prices for adults and children.

The Royal Lahaina Luau usually offers two specials that makes this the most inexpensive luau on Maui for a family on 'Family Nights', which vary with season and availability:

• One free child 6-12 years old per paying adult
• Children five years old and under are free

Royal Lahaina Luau Schedule

Unlike some luaus which are held a few nights a week, this show is offered every night during the summer high season - June through August - and every night except Saturday the rest of the year.

Royal Lahaina Luau Menu

The Hawaiian luau food is available buffet style (a long line), but our youngest daughter preferred the keiki (children) buffet where she got to eat more familiar kid foods. We were ok with the seating, but the plastic chairs in long rows of plastic covered tables bothered some people.

Photo by Randy Robert

Royal Lahaina luau buffet line with kalua pig
Main Entrees
• Kalua Pig, Kalua Turkey, Fresh Island Fish, Island Chicken

• Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes, Fried Rice, Corn, Seven Assorted Salads, Fresh Pineapple, Poi, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Taro and Guava Bread

• Coconut Cream Cake, Chocolate Cake, Haupia (Hawaiian Pudding)

Keiki Kids Buffet
• Hot Dogs, Chicken Nuggets, Macaroni & Cheese, Corn on Cob, Potato Chips

Our Luau Experience

We used the Royal Lahaina Luau photographer for a Willis family portrait This was the first luau we attended on Maui with our two daughters many years ago, and we had a great time.

We waited in a long line before entering - the cause of the entry delay was the common practice of taking a family luau portrait (we liked the free tiny shell lei!), which we found on the display board at the end of the show and purchased - the best luau portrait we have.

The evening began with a ceremony where a roasted pig is removed from an imu - an underground rock and sand oven.

Hula lessons on stage at the Royal Lahaina luau on Maui. Because the Royal Lahaina luau is more of a family show, there was also an audience participation segment, where our daughters joined a group on the stage to learn some hula moves while we sat back and enjoyed the evening.

This part was slow for me, but our daughters loved going up on the stage in front of the luau audience and participating in the hula lesson - that's the dilemma of audience participation segments at luaus.

The Samoan fire knife dancer at the Royal Lahaina luau at Kaanapali. The host also burned up some more time with banter such as asking for persons celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, so that they could be recognized. That dilemma again - the anniversary and birthday people loved this section.

So I took advantage of this part of the show to locate the restrooms in the Royal Lahaina Resort hotel lobby - they were much nicer than the restrooms in the luau area.

The Myths of Maui show includes traditional Hawaiian, Tahitian and Samoan dances.

The dancers are satisfactory, and we enjoyed the Samoan fire knife dancers in the finale.

Location and Parking

The Myths of Magic show is held on an oceanfront location between the Royal Lahaina Resort and Kaanapali Beach. The Royal Lahaina Resort is on the opposite side (north) of Black Rock than the main group of Kaanapali Hotels.

So unless you are staying at the Royal Lahaina Resort, this luau is not the easy walk like you have with the other Kaanapali hotel luaus. Parking costs about $5.

Royal Lahaina Luau Pictures

These large pictures from the Royal Lahaina Myths of Maui luau let you experience what it is like to attend this luau. The Myths of Maui show includes a smaller stage towards the beach for sunset views.

Royal Lahaina luau sunset stage

Our daughters joined many others and enjoyed getting on the stage to work on their hula moves during the audience participation part of the evening.

Maui Luaus: Royal Lahaina luau audience participation

The Royal Lahaina luau buffet includes luau foods such as kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon and coconut Hawaiian pudding - haupia.

Maui Luaus: Royal Lahaina luau buffet line

Photo by Randy Robert

A featured Royal Lahaina luau dancer at Kaanapali.

Royal Lahaina Resort Luau Kaanapali

Polynesian dancers during the Myth of Maui luau show. The red lights were fun during the show, but look somewhat unnatural in our pictures.

Maui Luaus: Royal Lahaina luau Myths of Maui Tahitian dancers

The fire knife dance grand finale to the Myths of Maui luau.

Maui Luaus: Royal Lahaina luau Myths of Maui fire knife dance

Royal Lahaina Luau Video

The Royal Lahaina Luau video below shows the popular fire dance finale. Click on the PLAY button in the image below to view the video.

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