Road to Hana

I love the road to Hana on Maui. And a lot of Maui vacationers agree. But some visitors hate the Hana highway. Use this page to make sure you want to spend a day on the Road to Hana.

Road to Hana - Drive or Tour?

What are the reasons a road to Hana tour would be best for you?

What are the advantages for you to drive the road to Hana in your rental car?

Road to Hana Guide

Keanae Park on the Road to Hana on Maui If you drive yourself, my Road to Hana Guide helps you select the best waterfalls, ocean views, and beaches along the Hana Highway, what to do in the town of Hana, whether to visit the Seven Sacred Pools (Oheo Gulch) at Haleakala National Park, and how to continue from Oheo Gulch all the way around Maui along the backside of the Maui volcano Haleakala.

Road to Hana Maps

Click to view my Road to Hana map of ocean views, waterfalls, hikes, parks, and destinations. You can also get oriented on the Hana coast and the locations of my recommended stops by viewing and printing my free Road to Hana map.

You have several choices - an interactive Road to Hana - Best Stops map, a traditional folded paper Franko's Maui map, and a free Drive Guides map.

Road to Hana Waterfalls

Road to Hana waterfalls - three bears - on Maui Road to Hana waterfalls are a big reason why this road is so popular.

View several popular waterfalls all on one page - Waikani Falls (Three Bears Falls); waterfalls such as Makahiku Falls at Oheo Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools) in Haleakala National Park; and Wailua Falls just past Hana town.

Road to Hana Pictures

My large Road to Hana pictures blast you with color and detail. If you are tired of squinting at small images that load quickly in your web browser, this is the page for you.

Road to Hana Waterfalls - Three Bears Falls

Road to Hana Videos

My Road to Hana videos allow you to see and hear movement and action more vividly than with words and pictures.

Ocean views, beaches, hiking trails and waterfalls are included in these road to Hana videos -
• Honomanu Bay
• Keanae Park
• Waikani Falls (Three Bears Falls)
• Nahiku Cove
• Wai'anapanapa State Park black sand beach and lava cave
• Wailua Falls
• Oheo Gulch (seven sacred pools) Pipiwai Trail, Makahiku Falls Infinity Pool.

Why HATE the Road to Hana?

What about the downside of the Road to Hana? Why do some visitors hate the road to Hana? Why is there a thriving market for I SURVIVED THE ROAD TO HANA tee shirts?

Consider the negatives before you commit a whole day of your vacation to the road to Hana. My drive the road to Hana page lists ways to help you overcome these problems.

• The narrow, winding roads that hug the rugged coastline results in driving at a snail's pace. Some car passengers get nauseous and car sickness from the all the curves in the road while either being hemmed in by the vegetation surrounding both sides of the road, or from looking down at the beach from the high cliff next to the road shoulder.

• Combine the narrow two lane road with lots of visitors, and you get unexpected result - traffic jams in the wilderness.

• Cars and buses try to park in nonexistent parking spots alongside the shoulder of the road next to narrow cliffs, slowing down traffic even more.

• The vegetation is so lush and the waterfalls so dramatic because of all the rain, especially in the morning.

• The waterfalls may be dry during some parts of the day and during certain dry times during the year.

• This is a full day trip. Some kids (and many spouses) get cranky with any wilderness activity that lasts more than a couple hours.

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