Road to Hana Tours

This road to Hana tour page helps you
• Discover why many Maui vacationers choose a road to Hana tour rather than driving a rental car
• Select the Road to Hana tour operator that best fits you

Why Take a Road to Hana Tour?

A road to Hana tour offers several advantages that may match how you would like to see the Hana coast.

• Because the tour driver negotiates the sharp curves along steep ocean-side cliffs, you can focus on the waterfalls and ocean views.

• You are sitting higher and get a better view of the waterfalls and coast in a van than a rental car.

• Some persons that get carsick and nauseous in a small car on the twisting road to Hana report no carsickness when riding up high as a passenger in a tour van.

• With parking at a premium along the narrow road to Hana as the day progresses, Hana tour vans are able to drop off passengers close to scenic sites.

Meanwhile, those of us who drive the Road to Hana in our rental car struggle to create a parking spot somewhere along the road before hiking to the scenic outlook.

• Hana tours save you the time to plan and locate the best spots along the Hana highway. The vans go to some off the beaten path locations such as Keanae Peninsula where many cars miss the entry road.

• Tour guides know where the scarce restrooms are located in this wilderness area. Bathroom stops may seem unimportant while you are sitting in your comfortable home reading this page, but a day on the Hana coast may change your mind!

How To Select the
Best Road to Hana Tour

Answer these questions to select the best road to Hana tour for you:

Small or Large
Tour Group?

The more expensive tour vans tend to have less passengers (twelve or so), with bigger, less expensive vans holding 20 or more passengers.

How Far
Do You Want to Go?

Most tours turn back at Hana or Oheo Gulch, while some tours, such as Hidden Hawaii Tours and Roberts Hawaii, go completely around the road to Hana, past the cliffside narrow unpaved area that most vacationers won't travel in rental cars.

How do You Like
Your Meals?

Most tours provide a light breakfast and lunch during your day long tour. Many provide prepacked meals in a box, while Temptation Tours provides catered gourmet meals on the beach.

Do You Prefer
Hotel Pickup?

Some tours provide pickup and dropoff right at your hotel, while others, such as Roberts Hawaii, have you meet them at a pickup spot near to where you are staying.

Road to Hana Tour Operators

Review these road to Hana tour providers to decide which company matches how you want to tour the road to Hana:

• Hidden Hawaii Tours goes all around the road to Hana, past Oheo Gulch, along the short stretch of road that most vacationers fear to travel in their rental cars, and on along the coast below the backside of Haleakala.

• Temptation Tours includes a breakfast and beachside lunch, road to Hana stops at waterfalls and beaches, then turnaround at Hana and stop at windsurfing Hookipa Beach on you return trip.

• Valley Isle Excursions is a luxury tour - customized high roof large window 12 person vans, large captain's chairs, and a lunch served with silverware and linens.

• Roberts Hawaii includes a box lunch and a trip all around the road to Hana and beyond. Roberts Hawaii is a value priced company and works with several cruise lines.

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