Road to Hana Maps

My Road to Hana maps page includes descriptions of three types of maps so you can select the map that best fits your needs. You can print any of my map pages and take them with you to Maui.

1. My Road to Hana Map - Best Stops page includes the best waterfalls, scenic views, beaches and hikes.

Stops include Keanae Park beach, Waikani Falls (also called Three Bears Falls), Nahiku Cove, black sand beach and trail at Wai'anapanapa State Park, Hana town, Hamoa Beach, Wailua Falls, and Oheo Gulch (often referred to by a marketing term - 'Seven Sacred Pools') at the outer edges of Haleakala National Park.

2. If you want a traditional paper Maui map, I recommend purchasing the folded version of the Frankos Maui Guide Map to give you a good orientation of the Road to Hana.

If you purchase the map in advance of your Maui vacation, you can spread the map out for some trip planning on the long flight to Maui.

What makes Frankos maps worth purchasing, rather than a free map? Descriptions and tips are written right on the map. So you don't have to read about a destination in a Maui book, then locate that destination on a map.

3. Try to find a free Maui Guides booklet from the brochure racks in the car rental lobby when you arrive at the Maui airport. This booklet doesn't include much in the way of descriptions, but it does include several Road to Hana maps.

Road to Hana - Best Stops is an interactive map where you can click on a location to read more about that stop.

You can also switch between different views - map, terrain, and satellite.

Road to Hana Map - Best Stops

The traditional paper Maui map has extensive notes about the road to Hana written right on the map - it's like a Maui Guide Book and map all in one.

Frankos Maui Guide Maps include detailed descriptions of the Road to Hana

Maui Guides is the only free booklet I recommend because it has some small road to Hana maps and few ads.

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