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Road to Hana Map - Best Stops

This Road to Hana map highlights the best stops - waterfalls, scenic views, beaches and hikes. Scroll down to view the interactive Road to Hana map.

Watch for the green Mile Marker signs on the side of the road to identify your locations and stops.

  Keanae Park - between Mile Markers 16 & 17 is a peaceful stop with a ruggedly beautiful lava rock beach, banana bread stand, and restrooms.

  Three Bears Falls - between 19 & 20 mile markers is also called Three Bears Falls (Papa, Mama, and Baby falls - like the bears!) because the three falls are different sizes (Note: like all the waterfalls on the Hana highway, there may be 'no falls' if water volume is low; or 'one fall' if the water volume is so high that one giant waterfall is created).

  Nahiku Cove - Mile Marker 25 provides a cool green break at an isolated cove. This area is best known as home to famous people such as the late Beatle George Harrison. The high rainfall encourages a lot of greenery - the three mile drive to the cove is like driving through a jungle.

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  Black Sand Beach - just past Mile Marker 32 - Wai'anapanapa State Park has a black sand beach, a freshwater spring fed pool in a lava cave for swimming, and restrooms.

Read more about the Maui black sand beach and Wai'anapanapa State Park.

  Hana Beach Park at Hana Bay in Hana is a good family beach on Maui with snorkeling and light wave action. Hana Bay Beach Park includes Tutu's Snack Shop, one of the few places in Hana to eat. We enjoy their simple burgers at the outdoor picnic tables near the beach.

  Red Sand Beach - Hana is just south of Hana Bay. Kaihalulu Beach can only be reached via a primitive and slippery path.

  Hamoa Beach - Hana, rated as the 6th best beach in America in 2006, is just a few minutes drive south from Hana on Maui. The famous author James Michener described it as the most beautiful beach in the Pacific.

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  Wailua Falls - Mile Marker 45 - As you leave Hana and travel south on Hana Highway 31, you continue through the lush tropical vegetation and waterfalls that you saw on the road to Hana. Wailua Falls is the perfect stop the car, jump out, stand by the side, and shoot a great 100 foot waterfall picture.

  Seven Sacred Pools - Oheo Gulch - Mile Marker 42 - The waterfalls and pools at Oheo Gulch (often referred to by a marketing term - 'Seven Sacred Pools') on the Hana highway are a popular destination for hiking, swimming, and viewing waterfalls. This area is part of Haleakala National Park.

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  Road REOPENED between Mile Markers 39 & 40 - October 2008 Update - The Piilani Highway has been REOPENED so you can now once again continue on around the island during your Road to Hana trip.

This road was closed after the October 2006 earthquake in the channel between east Maui and the Big Island due to potential rock slides.

  Road to Hana Map Video that includes most of the stops on this map.

Road to Hana
Mile Marker Sign

Road to Hana - Mile Marker sign

Road to Hana Map - North

Road to Hana Map - North

Road to Hana Map - South

Road to Hana Map - South

Road to Hana Waterfalls

Road to Hana Waterfalls

Road to Hana
Black Sand Beach

Road to Hana - Black Sand Beach

Road to Hana Map - Quick Load Version

This is a static snapshot of the Road to Hana map that loads quickly. I placed the live interactive Google road to Hana map at the bottom of this page because sometimes it doesn't load.

Road to Hana map

Road to Hana Map - Live Version

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