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Road to Hana - Best Stops

Keep to the best stops on the Road to Hana so you dont waste your time at the numerous marginal stops.

Keanae Park

Keanae Park (between the 16 and 17 mile markers) offers a peaceful stop with a ruggedly beautiful lava rock beach, banana bread stand, and restrooms. Plan thirty minutes to an hour at this stop.

This stop is off the beaten path, so you will not see the hordes of tourists that clog the road by the waterfalls.

Be sure to stop at Aunty Sandy's Banana Bread Keanae Landing Fruit Stand.

Nahiku Cove

Nahiku Cove at mile marker 25 provides a cool green break at an isolated cove that is close to a rugged black lava rock beach.

This area is best known as home to famous people such as the late Beatle George Harrison, but all we saw were some locals.

The high rainfall encourages a lot of greenery, and we felt like we were going through a jungle on the three mile drive to the cove.

Three Bears Falls

You will see one breathtaking waterfall after another on the Hana highway.

Waikani Falls (between 19 and 20 mile markers), is also called Three Bears Falls (Papa, Mama, and Baby falls - like the bears!) because the three falls are different sizes.

Note: Like all the waterfalls on the Hana highway, water volume varies during the year and during the time of day.

Black Sand Beach

Wai'anapanapa State Park (just past the 32 mile marker) has a black sand beach, a freshwater spring fed pool in a lava cave for swimming, and restrooms.

If you want to continue on to Hana, go to What to do in the town of Hana

Road to Hana Guide Videos

The four short Road to Hana videos below include the best stops discussed above. Click on the PLAY button in the images below to view the videos.

Use the green Mile Marker signs on the side of the road to Hana to help you locate the best stops.

Road to Hana Mile Marker

Once you learn to look for these Mile Markers, they will become indispensible for your Maui trips.

Keanae Park Road to Hana - Keanae Park

Nahiku Cove Nahiku Cove on the road to Hana

Waikani Falls -
(Three Bears Falls) Road to Hana - Waikani Falls (Three Bears Falls)

Black Sand Beach Road to Hana - Black Sand Beach

Road to Hana Keanae Park Video

This Keanae Park Video shows the rugged lava rock beach and crashing waves. Note Don't wander too far out on the rocks close to the waves - on any Maui beach there will be a sporadic large wave that can wash you out to the ocean.

Road to Hana Nahiku Cove Video

This Nahiku cove video shows the isolated cove and lava rock beach. You take a three mile side road off the Road to Hana to reach this cove.

Road to Hana Waterfalls Video

This Road to Hana waterfalls video includes Three Bears Falls (Papa, Mama, and Baby falls - like the bears) at the beginning of the video.

Road to Hana Black Sand Beach Video

This black sand beach video from Wai'anapanapa State Park also shows the lava tube cave to the right of the beach.

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