Maui Weather

You can find current, forecasted, and average monthly Maui weather on this page - including forecasts for Haleakala National Park and maui beach surf and wind conditions.

Maui Weather Forecast

View the current and forecasted Maui weather from the National Weather Service.

Maui Weather - Monthly Temperature & Rainfall

Need to plan your Maui family vacation? Check the Lahaina monthly high/low temperatures and rainfall below. A light jacket or wrap in the evenings on land, or on the water early in the morning, will normally be all you need.


Maui Weather Haleakala Volcano

The Maui volcano Haleakala summit -plan on cold weather gear in the early morningThinking about watching a Maui volcano Haleakala sunrise?

WARNING! The weather is usually cold and windy at sunrise and early morning.

Before you visit Haleakala, be sure to view the current Haleakala weather conditions and 7 day forecast from the National Weather Service, even including radar and satellite images.

Maui Weather Beach Wind & Surf

Warm weather on a Maui beach

Going to a Maui beach today?

Temperature is not usually the weather issue at Maui beaches - wind and surf conditions are what you want to look out for.

There are often beach safety warnings caused by wind or surf conditions at any time for any beach.

View today's Maui beach wind and surf forecasts and warnings at Maui beaches weather

Maui Weather Varies Around the Island

Maui weather varies on where you are located on the island.

The north and east sides of the Hawaiian islands get a lot more rain than the west and south sides. Tjhat's whay you will see vastly reduced Maui vacation rentals on the rainy sides.

On Maui, high trade winds can sweep through the center of the island between the two Maui volcanoes.

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