Maui Weather Forecast

The Maui weather forecast from the National Weather Service site should display below.

You can also change from the default Maui Leeward West (areas such as Lahaina, Kaanapali and Napili) to other areas:

1. At the Enter your "City/ST" or zip code prompt, enter either City/State (HI is the abbreviation for the state of Hawaii) - for example, Kihei,HI or Makena,HI or Hana,HI - or the zip code - for example, you could enter the zip code where you are staying on Maui.

2. Click on the GO button

If the National Weather Service Maui forecast loads slowly, it usually also loads slowly on their site. But if you want to try, just visit the current and forecasted Maui weather at the National Weather Service website.

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