Maui Volcano Haleakala

Maui volcano Halekala crater The Maui volcano Haleakala in Hawaii is an active shield volcano that hovers in the clouds above Maui. The eerie moon landscape of the Halekala crater at the volcano summit makes this a must see for most Maui visitors.

Haleakala National Park

Most of the volcano is in Haleakala National Park. This trip might be the least expensive day of your Maui vacation - you can drive yourself to the volcano summit for the cost of a tank of gas and the $10 per car entrance fee to the park. The National Park Service Haleakala National Park, website is a treasure trove of helpful information.

Sunrise on Maui Volcano Haleakala

The idea of watching a Haleakala sunrise from the volcano summit is more attractive than the actual event for many Maui vacationers. Check the Haleakala weather, bring a jacket, and leave your warm bed in the middle of the night? Visit my Haleakala sunrise page to make your sunrise trip a good one.

Haleakala Weather Forecast

Before you schedule your visit to Haleakala, be sure to view the current Haleakala weather conditions and 7 day forecast.

Drive Guide - Maui Volcano Haleakala

My Maui Volcano (Haleakala) Drive Guide page includes drive maps and times, driving directions from different Maui locations such as Kaanapali and Lahaina, best time to schedule your drive to the summit and crater, and tips to prevent you from wasting your day.

Haleakala Crater and Summit

Haleakala Crater The Haleakala crater and summit are the main reason for your trek, so make sure you see what you need to see.

Look for the endangered silversword plant that only grows on the slopes of Haleakala, and listen for the honking of the endangered nene goose that lives on the wooded slopes of Haleakala.

And the white round alien looking buildings are the Haleakala Observatories.

Hiking the Maui Volcano Haleakala

We hike along the Haleakala crater. Hiking the Maui Volcano Haleakala is fun, as long as you have warm clothing and can handle the physical exertion at the high altitude.

The Halekala crater and summit is loaded with over 30 miles of hiking trails such as Hosmer Grove Trail, Leleiwi Overlook, Sliding Sands Trail and Kaupo Gap Trail.

Haleakala - Horseback Riding

Haleakala horseback riding lets you descend from the volcano summit down into the crater.

Sliding Sands Trail is steep with lots of switchbacks. This tough trip is not recommended for first time riders.

Maui Volcano Haleakala - Pictures

My large Maui volcano Haleakala pictures let you experience the magnificence of the volcano crater.

Maui volcano Halekala crater

Haleakala Crater Road Map

My Haleakala Crater Road map shows the constant switchbacks during the steep drive to the volcano summit.

Haleakala has not erupted for over 200 years, but it is an active shield volcano that may erupt again.

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