Haleakala Sunrise and Sunset

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

Haleakala Sunrise

Experiencing a Haleakala sunrise can be a moving experience for you. At the volcano summit you are standing above the clouds, watching the sun slowly appear in the eastern sky, sometimes accompanied by the sound of ancient Hawaiian chants.

After the sun clears the horizon, you get to watch the Haleakala crater as the first rays of light make their way across the reds and blacks and browns of the lava cinder.

That's the fun part. But there is a practical side, too. If you want to see the sunrise at Haleakala, you will need to leave in the middle of the night Hawaii time - around 3AM. You then drive or ride in a tour van up the volcano Crater Road in the dark.

Haleakala Sunrise Tours

You have a choice of two types of Haleakala sunrise tours:

Motor Coach Haleakala sunrise tours pick you up at your hotel or condo at about 3AM, provide some sort of breakfast, and drive you up the winding road in the dark to the Haleakala summit before sunrise:

• Polynesian Adventures Haleakala sunrise tour

• Temptation Tours Haleakala sunrise tour

Haleakala Sunrise Bike Ride Tours where you watch the sun rise, then ride a bike either from the Haleakala summit or from the entrance of Haleakala National Park.

Haleakala Sunrise - Planning Your Day

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

Maui Volcano Sunrise
What can you do to make this a memorable experience?

Bring layers of clothes for warmth. The dilemma: your brought your shorts and flip flops for your Maui vacation, but now you want to ascend 10,000 feet in the dark to the cold air of a volcano summit.

Did you bring along a light jacket and long pants (maybe what you wore on the airplane can do double duty?), or purchase a light jacket on Maui?

You can't watch sunrise if you can't see the sun. Check the Haleakala weather forecast for the morning you will be on Haleakala.

• If you drive yourself, you have to get up and leave your accommodations early enough for sunrise. Getting up at 3AM is easier to do early in your vacation, when your internal timeclock is still adjusting to the time change. But rousing family members can be a chore.

Allot time for breakfast or plan ahead to pack something to eat along the way.

Haleakala National Park Recommendations for Viewing Sunrise

  • The visitor centers are not open during sunrise and sunset.
  • Temperatures immediately before dawn and immediately after dusk are regularly below freezing.
  • Weather is unpredictable, but is often windy and wet.
  • There are NO weather predictions available for sunrise, sunset is slightly more forseeable.
  • There is no food, clothing or gas for sale in the park.
  • The road up and down the mountain does not have streetlights.
  • It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive between Kahului and the summit.
  • Parking is restricted to designated lots only.
  • Parking lots will be closed when full - especially at sunrise.

Haleakala Sunrise and Sunset Times

January 1: 6:56am/6:00pm
January 15: 6:58am/6:10pm

July 1: 5:41am/7:16pm
July 15: 5:46am/7:15pm
February 1: 6:55am/6:21pm
February 15: 6:48am/6:29pm
August 1: 5:52am/7:09pm
August 15: 5:57am/7:01pm
March 1: 6:39am/6:35pm
March 15: 6:27am/6:40pm
September 1: 6:02am/6:49pm
September 15: 6:06am/6:33pm
April 1: 6:12am/6:49pm
April 15: 6:00am/6:49pm
October 1: 6:10am/6:19pm
October 15: 6:14am/6:06pm
May 1: 5:50am/6:55pm
May 15: 5:42am/7:01pm
November 1: 6:20am/5:55pm
November 15: 6:28am/5:49pm

June 1: 5:38am/7:08pm
June 15: 5:38am/7:12pm

December 1: 6:38am/5:47pm
December 15: 6:47am/5:50pm

These Haleakala sunrise and sunset times are from the Haleakala National Park website.

Haleakala Sunrise Pictures

These big Haleakala sunrise pictures let you experience the beginning of a new day on this Maui volcano. The first part is watching the sun rise, the second part is watching the light move across the Haleakala crater floor.

Haleakala Sunrise

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

Once the sun is up, shift your focus to the sunlight shifting across the Haleakala crater floor.

Maui Haleakala Sunrise

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

Be sure to wear some warm clothes for your Maui volcano sunrise.

Maui Volcano Sunrise

Photo by D'Arcy Norman

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