Haleakala Crater Road - Interactive Google Map

My interactive Haleakala Crater Road Google map shows the constant switchbacks during the steep drive to the volcano summit. The map route highlighted in blue follows Crater Road to the Sliding Sands Trail at the summit of Haleakala.

Scroll down to read how to navigate this interactive Google map:

How to navigate this interactive Google map:

To zoom in closer on the map, click on the plus sign (+) icon. To zoom out, click the negative sign (-) icon

To move around on the map, click on any four of the arrow icons

To view areas that are not visible in your current map view, click and hold down the mouse click button, then move your mouse to any edge of the map

To view different perspectives, click on Map, Satellite, Terrain, or Earth

Traditional Folded Maui Maps

If you want a traditional folded Maui map, I recommend purchasing the folded version of the Frankos Maui map ($6) from the Mail Order Hawaii website to give you a good orientation of the Road to Hana.

Frankos Maui Maps

What makes Frankos maps unique? Descriptions and tips are written right on the map.

So you don't have to read about a destination in a Maui book, then locate that destination on a map.

It's like you scribbled your own personal vacation notes all over your own personal map.

Franko also has a laminated Maui map (great to use as a placemat at home or during your Maui vacation), folded and laminated Maui dive and snorkel maps, and a 6"x9" laminated Maui fish ID card.

Frankos Maui MapOr visit my Maui Guides page for a variety of traditional Maui folded maps, including Frankos Maui Guide Map, that highlight the Maui volcano Haleakala.

If you purchase the map in advance of your Maui vacation, you can spread the map out for some trip planning on the long flight to Maui.

So for a few bucks, you can get some Maui specific maps that focus on what you want to see as a vacationer, rather than a focus on advertisements.

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Haleakala Tours

I provide a whole group of web pages below for you to review your options for a tour of the Maui volcano Haleakala.

Day Tours

If you want someone else to drive you up the winding road to the summit of the Maui volcano on a Haleakala day tour, you have several options:

• The Haleakala and Rainforest tour from Temptation Tours also includes stops at Hosmer's Grove, a protea farm, the paniolo cowboy town of Makawao, Haiku, a rainforest waterfall, Keanae Peninsula and Hookipa Beach.

• The Haleakala - Magnificent Maui tour from Roberts Hawaii also includes stops at the Iao Valley rainforest and the historic whaling town of Lahaina.

• The Haleakala Summit tour from Polynesian Adventures also includes a tour through Central Maui and a stop at Iao Valley rainforest park.

Sunrise Tours

You have a choice of two types of Haleakala sunrise tours:

1. Motor Coach Haleakala sunrise tours pick you up at your hotel or condo at about 3AM, provide some sort of breakfast, and drive you up the winding road in the dark to the Haleakala summit before sunrise. Get exact pricing and scheduling details for volcano sunrise and day trip tours:

• Polynesian Adventures Haleakala sunrise tour

• Temptation Tours Haleakala sunrise tour

2. Haleakala Sunrise Bike Ride Tours where you watch the sun rise, then ride a bike either from the Haleakala summit or from the entrance of Haleakala National Park.

Bike Tours

To read about the many Haleakala bike tour options, get exact pricing or make reservations, visit my Haleakala Bike Tours page.

Hiking Tours

A Haleakala crater hike from Hike Maui includes up to three trails to accumulate four miles - Hosmer's Cove Trail, Halemauu, and Sliding Sands Trail. Hike Maui declares their trail guides to be 'the best trained naturalist guides on Maui'.

Horseback Riding

Riding horseback into the Maui Volcano Haleakala crater is an alternative to hiking the Sliding Sands trail. Instead, you descend from the volcano summit down into the crater on horseback. The Ka Moa O Pele Junction Ride is offered by Pony Express Tours.