Maui Surfing

If you have never surfed, Maui is the place for you. Surf Shops all over Maui offer surfing lessons for beginning surfers.

If you already know how to surf, scroll down this page to identify the best Maui surfing beaches, familiarize yourself with the summer and winter Maui surfing seasons, view Maui beaches surf and wind forecast, and watch video of different Maui surfing options, including big wave surfing, stand up paddle board surfing, wind surfing, and foil surfing.

Maui Surfing Beaches

D.T. Fleming Beach Park at Kapalua north of Lahaina. Named America's Best Beach in 2006, the park also has restrooms, picnic tables, and lifeguards.

Honolua Bay is not only a good snorkeling beach - the north part of this beach (Lipoa Point) can have excellent surfing when swells cause high waves in winter - see the video below.

Maui Surfing Lessons

Many beginners take surfing lessons just outside the breakwater at Lahaina Harbor. Maui is loaded with surfing shops, and they are all ready to teach you how to surf.

Maui beaches become the outdoor classroom for groups of students from local surf shops. Read about how our daughters learned to surf in only two hours of Maui surfing lessons.

Maui Surfing Seasons

Maui has two different surfing seasons that correspond to different Maui beaches. Be sure to match your choice of surfing beaches to the time that you are vacationing on Maui.

The Maui summer surfing season lasts from April to September. During the summer season surf at Maui's west and south beaches. The waves are originating from the tropics south of Hawaii and are generally moderate waves that are more appropriate for beginner or intermediate surfers.

The Maui winter surfing season lasts from October to March. During the winter season surf at Maui's west and north beaches. The waves are originating from storms in the north part of the Pacific ocean. These provide opportunties for Maui big wave surfing.

Maui Big Wave Surfing

Maui big wave surfing at Jaws on the north shore of Maui. Maui big wave surfing considered to be the best in the world, is based on the north shore of Maui at a spot appropriately called Jaws.

The large waves that are often part of the Maui winter wave swells are for experienced and professional surfers only. But it's a great specator sport for us vacationers.

Most Maui big wave surfing videos are of these giant monster waves that sometimes hit Maui's north shore.

Maui Beaches Surf and Wind Forecast

View Today's Surf and Wind Forecast for Maui Beaches. Surf and wind conditions vary on different sides of the island.

Maui Surfing Videos

The Maui surfing videos below reflect the diversity of this native Hawaiian sport. Surfing originated in Hawaii as hee nalu - wave sliding.

The first Maui surfing video is Honolua Bay surfing at Lipoa Point on west Maui.

Click on the PLAY button in the image to view the video.

The Paddle Surfing video below shows why paddle surfing is becoming so popular on Maui.

This Maui wind surfing video shows why the afternoon sea breeze makes Hookipa famous as a wind surfers paradise.

This Maui foil surfing video shows just how many ways you can surf.

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