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After several Maui snorkeling tours with large motorized boats, I decided to try something different - a sailing catamaran. I picked one of the catamarans that motor right onto the beach at Kaanapali.

Maui Snorkeling Catamaran

Our catamaran motored right onto  the Kaanapali beach, dropped its ladder, and we climbed aboard. We left our sandals in a box with the other snorkelers, then waded through the surf and climbed the front loading ladder up into the Kapalua Kai sailing catamaran.

This boat is a 53 foot wing-masted catamaran that sails at speeds up to 20 knots, and is promoted as a stable sailing platform.

Our whole family liked the small size of the catamaran and the resulting smaller number of passengers, compared to the larger motorized boats we had previously used for snorkeling trips on Maui Trampoline nets and pads for sunning at the front of the catamaran on one of our snorkeling trips Maui(Smaller boats with fewer passengers also cost more!).

We especially liked the trampoline nets and pads at the front of the catamaran.

This webbing area is unique to catamarans, and was very popular for most of the passengers.

The webbing lets you see and hear the rush and sound of water just below the nets while she soaked up the sun.

Because of their double hull structure, catamarans provide a smooth ride through the ocean waves.

We cruised away from Kaanapali beach and up the coast towards north Maui.

Snorkeling Honolua Bay Marine Preserve

Sailing by a green sea turtle at Honolua Bay on Maui When we stopped at the Honolua Bay Marine preserve, a green sea turtle wandered by while we were putting on our snorkeling gear.

While our oldest daughter remained on board and sunned, the rest of us formed a snorkeling buddy group for safety.

We explored the shallow areas of the bay where coral provides shelter for many species of tropical fish.

Our catamaran anchored for snorkeling in Honolua Bay. While most passengers did snorkel at least a bit, some passengers just stayed on board and enjoyed the view and the sun that finally came out.

And they also got first choice on the deli style lunch. The lunch was pretty simple, but after snorkeling for a while, any food tastes great.

Sailing and Whale Watching

We got to do some humpback whale watching on our return trip to Kaanapali beach. Our sailing catamaran had mostly motored out from Kaanapali to Honolua Bay because there was not much wind in the early morning hours.

But when we lifted anchor and headed back, the wind was up and we got to experience the floating sensation of catamaran sailing.

Lots of speed and water through the nets at the front of the catamaran made for a fun sail.

And, like so many snorkeling trips on Maui during the November-April timeframe, our snorkel day became a whale watching expedition as we spotted several groups of whales, one of which meandered close by our stopped boat.

Kaanapali Beach

Fresh water shower on Kaanapali Beach. When we returned to Kaanapali Beach, the catamaran pushed right onto the beach.

We found our shoes, rinsed off in the free fresh water shower, and concluded another fun Maui sailing and snorkeling trip.

Because we parked at Whaler's village, we stopped and spent $15 at a store to get a three hour credit on our parking charges. There is also some limited free parking at Kaanapali.

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