Maui Snorkeling Catamarans

Maui snorkeling catamarans include a lot of ocean activities as well as the physical activity of snorkeling.

And the spinner dolphins painted on the front of the Gemini sailing catamaran gave us a hint that we were going to see more than tropical fish on our snorkel trip.

The catamaran motored right onto Kaanapali Beach. We just stepped through some shallow water onto the boat for our early morning Picnic Snorkel Sail.

Gemini Sailing Catamaran

Many catamarans load passengers right on Kaanapali beach. Because there is usually not much wind for sailing in the morning, we motored out from Kaanapali and headed north.

We soon knew why we had dolphins painted on the bow of our catamaran.

As we cruised north, a group of spinner dolphins approached our boat, then jumped and swam just ahead of the catamaran for about ten minutes.

We were just a few feet from a couple of them as we looked down through the trampoline net into the water, directly at the spinner dolphins that swam just ahead of our catamaran pontoons.

Spinner Dolphins off West Maui by the Gemini sailing catamaran

Maui Snorkeling Tour Honolua Bay

Our destination was Honolua Bay Marine Sanctuary, a popular spot for Maui snorkeling trips.

Green Sea Turtle approaching Honolua Bay on Maui When the water is clear, Honolua Bay is one of the best spots on Maui to view coral formations, turtles and colorful fish.

We spotted a green sea turtle as we approached the shore. It floated by pretty close to the catamaran and seemed to be watching us - it looked a lot larger in person than in our camera viewfinder.

Our snorkel boat guides gave us fins - we bring our own masks and snorkels from home for beach snorkeling - and we jumped in Honolua Bay.

Snorkelers on the Gemini and in the water at Honolua Bay in Maui. The girls hit a faster gear this year, so us parents traded out snorkeling to maintain a buddy system for safety - one of us parents would rest on the boat while the other tried to keep up with the kids.

We brought along our Hawaiian Reef Fish book, and identified at least a few of the fish that we spotted underwater.

Lunch was ready as different groups finished snorkeling and returned to the boat. This was good food - much better than the burgers and hot dogs we've had on some snorkel trips. Some items from the menu:
• Teriyaki Chicken
• Cajun Mahi-Mahi
• Vegetarian re-fried rice
• Island fresh Crudités and dip

Maui Sailing and Whale Watching

The trade winds picked up so we sailed back to Kaanapali. The sail was relaxing and peaceful.

Humpback Whale Sighting from Gemini on Maui as we return to Kaanapali. From November until May, Maui snorkeling trips include whale watching while sailing to and from the snorkeling area.

This was Maui whale season, and passengers spotted several groups of humpback whales as we sailed along.

So the captain slowed down and even stopped sailing several times so we could watch the whales. We landed back on the Kaanapali beach almost five hours after we left.

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