Maui Sailing - Scotch Mist

Maui sailing when the Scotch Mist crew let our older daughter take the helm for some simple straight ahead sailing Maui sailing on the Scotch Mist racing yacht proved true their motto - Fast is Fun!

The company description of the boat - for her size, she is the fastest production line sailboat in the world.

And pure, adrenaline pumping speed is what the crew gave us on our Sunset Sail cruise out of Lahaina Harbor.

This racing yacht has one purpose - performance sailing - and delivered what she promised on our Maui sailing tour.

Scotch Mist Sunset Sail

Maui sunset on the Scotch Mist The Scotch Mist Sunset Sail was more like a Performance Sail.

The crew worked hard for us to feel what it's like to be in a race.

They performed some sharp turns with a boat angle so severe that we hung on for dear life.

But the Scotch Mist was made for this - this 50 foot racing hull won the 1984 Victoria-Maui International Yacht Race.

We learned first hand that cold ocean spray accompanies performance sailing - after a while we decided that a wet blast in the face just helped us stay focused.

No sissy double-hulled smooth sailing catamaran with bouncy trampoline nets here. This was real sailing.

Since the girls had been taking sailing lessons each summer, the captain let them each have a turn at navigating their first racing yacht. They just did simple, straight-ahead sailing, but it was still a memorable experience.

Maui Sailing Video - Scotch Mist

During whale watching season, every ocean activity offers an opportunity to watch whales. We sailed low and close by two different pods of whales.

As the sun goes down the wind slows down, fast sailing gives way to more peaceful pursuits.

Click on the PLAY button in the image below to view a video of a friendly whale that followed and surfaced right next to the Scotch Mist.

Read about our Maui morning sail on the America II, where we were thrilled to sit on the same deck and sail in the same racing hull that had participated in the America's Cup in 1987.

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