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Considering a Maui luau during your vacation? I have three ways for you to find the one best Maui luau for you:

1. My Maui Luau Reviews overview page includes details (show, cost, tickets, schedule, menu, location, parking, pictures and video) on eight Maui luaus.

2. My QuickFinderTM Maui Luau Guide chart helps you quickly narrow your Maui luau search down to a few luaus to review for your final decision.

3. My Best Maui Luaus page lets you quickly see responses to requests such as 'best Maui luau' for families with kids or teenagers, couples and adults, upscale luaus, different styles of luau shows, and different types of luau foods and ways they are served.

What Happens at a Maui Luau?

Once you narrow down your Maui luau choices, you may make your final selection based on more subtle differences among them during the three phases of your evening:

1. Arrival Activities. An hour or so of activities as guests are arriving:
  • Hawaiian history, culture and crafts display and activities
  • Your 'official' luau portrait
  • An imu ceremony - the unearthing of a kalua (roasted) pig

2. Food. Luau is the Hawaiian word for feast, and you feast on traditional Hawaiian luau food.

3. Show. Then after your feast, you are treated to a visual feast with a luau show of dance and music which is both entertaining and educational about Hawaiian history and culture.

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Four flexible ways to select
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1. Read Maui Luau Reviews of any luau.

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