Maui Luau Reviews

My Maui luau reviews help you make the most difficult decision of your vacation - which is the best Maui luau for you?

I review eight Maui luaus, organized by Maui location:

Lahaina Luau Reviews

The two ocean view Lahaina luaus are more intimate - and expensive - than the larger luaus held just up the road at the Kaanapali hotels.

Feast at Lele Luau Review

Summary. Want to get away from the kids? The Feast at Lele luau offers a small, intimate up-scale luau in south Lahaina primarily attended by couples. According to Travel & Leisure magazine, "...this is the most fabulous cooking on Maui, which is saying a lot."

Old Lahaina Luau Review

Summary. The Old Lahaina Luau focuses on authentic Hawaiian food and hula show - no Samoan fireknife dancers. From Frommer's Maui travel guide: "...authenticity, intimacy, hospitality, cultural integrity and sheer romantic beauty have made this Maui's top luau."

Ulalena Review

Summary. Ulalena is not a luau, but I am including it because it is such a unique Hawaiian show. Somewhere between Cirque du Soleil, luau, Hawaiian history lesson, myth and pure entertainment, Ulalena is a highly rated indoor show with plush theater chairs, air conditioning, and surround sound system.

Kaanapali Luau Reviews

The Kaanapali Beach Resort hotel luaus are also good choices if you are vacationing at Lahaina, Kapalua, Napili, or Kahana.

Hyatt Maui Luau Review

Summary. The Hyatt Maui luau at the Hyatt Regency in Kaanapali offers the Drums of the Pacific show and buffet dinner. This is a family friendly luau with a big audience.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review

Summary. Want to attend a family friendly luau that doesn't blow your vacation budget? The first and longest running Kaanapali luau, the Royal Lahaina Luau also offers the most wallet friendly luau on Maui. Combining low cost with large audience size and nightly shows, the Myths of Maui luau is usually available for last minute reservations.

Westin Maui Luau Review

Summary. The Wailele Polynesian Luau at the Westin Maui Resort combines a small audience size with seating at individual tables, rather than the long rows of tables at the larger luaus. And their show grand finale features not one, but five Samoan fire knife dancers.

Kaanapali Sunset Luau Review

Summary. The Sheraton Kaanapali Sunset Luau is almost on Kaanapali beach at Black Rock, so the sunset torch lighting and cliff diving ceremony is integrated into the show. The grass covered luau grounds are more natural than many luaus. This buffet style luau is presented on Mondays and Wednesdays.

South Maui Luau Reviews

A south Maui luau is convenient if you are based in Wailea, Kihei, Maalaea, Makena, Kahului or Paia.

Grand Wailea Luau Review

Summary. The Grand Wailea Luau show in south Maui uses Cirque du Soleil style performances to create a mythical Hawaiian history story for an evening of pure entertainment. The Grand Luau at Honoa'ula includes a fire dancer finale with Maui's only three time World Fire Knife Champion.

Marriott Maui Luau Review

Summary. The Marriott Maui Luau in Wailea (south Maui) presents the show Te Au Moana (The Ocean Tide) - four nights a week. The sunset ocean setting behind the stage makes for stunning visuals and great pictures. Food is served buffet style.

Couples and Adults
Like These Upscale Luaus

Feast at Lele Luau
Feast at Lele Sunset

Old Lahaina Luau
Old Lahaina Luau Dancers

Westin Maui Luau
Westin Maui Luau Maori Dancer

Children and Teenagers Like
Family Discount Luaus

Hyatt Maui Luau
Drums of the Pacific Samoan Fire Knife Dancer

Royal Lahaina Luau
Royal Lahaina Luau Sunset

Try Something New
Entertains All Age Groups
Cirque du Soleil Style
Luaus and Shows

Grand Wailea Luau
Grand Wailea Luau Maui Mist Dancer

Ulalena Theater Show
Ulalena dancer

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