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My QuickFinderTM Maui Luau Guide chart helps you quickly narrow your luau search to the few best Maui luaus for you.

Click on a luau link in the guide below, or scroll down the guide chart for details.

View my Maui Luau Reviews page for a more traditional guide to Maui luaus.

My Maui Luau Guide includes the three questions most important for most Maui vacationers:

1. Luau close to you in west or south Maui?

2. Children / teenagers?

3. Which days of week?

QuickFinder Maui Luau Guide

Westin Maui Luau Sheraton Sunset Luau Royal Lahaina Luau Hyatt Maui Luau Feast at Lele Luau Ulalena Show at Maui Theatre Old Lahaina Luau Grand Wailea Luau Wailea Marriott Luau Maui Luau Reviews
But what about cost? As I studied how thousands of Maui vacationers select a luau, I realized that cost is already built into these three decisions points:

  1. Most discounts are tied in with children and teenagers. So once you narrow your choices to those luaus with children and teenagers, you automatically have your discount built in.

  2. Each of the three types of luaus are close to the major tourist areas on Maui. So you lower your cost and hassle of commuting to the luau by choosing one close to where you are staying

  3. Being aware of the luau schedule early into your decision process lets you plan around scheduling conflicts during your vacation. This also helps you avoid getting stuck with a more expensive luau that is not a good match for you, but is available on a night you can attend a luau.

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