Marriott Maui Luau Review

My Maui luau review of the Marriott Maui Luau in Wailea (south Maui) includes the luau location, show, menu, ticket prices, schedule, pictures and video.

This luau is held almost on the beach. The ocean view is perfect for the show, which is timed with the sunset to provide a colorful backdrop.

Marriott Maui Luau Show

The Te Au Moana (The Ocean Tide) Marriott Maui Luau show is based on the story of the tide linking all of Oceania -Te Au Moana - and sharing the ancestral storytelling of the people of Maui and the Pacific through songs and dances.

The show is presented by Tihati Productions, which has been entertaining Hawaiian audiences for over four decades.

You can discover if the show is right for you in several ways:
• My Marriott Maui Luau Show page provides the Te Au Moana (The Ocean Tide) luau show program notes.
• My Marriott Maui Luau Pictures page uses large pictures and short descriptions to let you visualize being right up close to the stage during the show.
• My Marriott Maui Luau Video page helps you experience the sounds and movement of the luau.
• My Marriott Maui Luau Menu page describes the traditional luau feast fare for your evening. You sit at individual tables (no endless rows of tables like at some luaus) and serve yourself the luau food at a buffet style group of tables. Wait time in line is minimal.

Marriott Maui Schedule

The Marriott Maui Luau schedule is four evenings each week - Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The approximate luau schedule of activities -
• Doors open at 4:30PM.
• 6PM Lighting of the torches and the sound of a conch shell announces start of the luau buffet
• 7PM Luau Show until around 8PM

Marriott Maui Luau Price and Tickets

Visit my Marriott Maui Luau tickets page for luau prices for adults and children.

Wailea Marriott Maui Luau Location

Te Au Moana (The Ocean Tide) is held at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort on 3700 Wailea Alanui at the base of Haleakala along Maui's southern coast.

The luau grounds are in a natural setting.

The stage has the ocean and the island of Kahoolawe as the backdrop.

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Marriott Maui Luau

Marriott Maui Luau

Marriott Maui Luau

Marriott Maui Luau
Ticket Prices and Reservations

Marriott Maui Luau

Marriott Maui Luau

Marriott Maui Luau

Cost Alert

For 'Preferred seating' right in front of the stage, add $10 to the ticket price for every member of your party, including infants.

Show Alert

The company that provides the luau show - Tihati Productions - also provides the show for two Kaanapali luaus -

• the Drums of the Pacific show at the Hyatt Maui Luau

• the Kaanapali Sunset Luau show at the Maui Sheraton

South Maui Luau Map -
Wailea and Kihei

  The Marriot Maui luau is the H pin in the map below

View my Maui Luau Maps page for more detail.

Maui Luau Map of three South Maui luaus

Convenience Alert

If the Wailea location is convenient for you, another luau for you to consider - the   Grand Wailea Luau, which is held right next door to the Marriott.

Wailea Marriott Maui Luau Pictures

View large pictures of the luau stage, show and activities at my Wailea Marriott Maui Luau Pictures page.

Wailea Marriott Maui Luau Tahitian Dancers

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