Wailea Marriott Maui Luau Pictures

These big Wailea Marriott Maui Luau pictures let you visualize your luau experience with images rather than words. During the first part of the luau, you can participate in Hawaiian cultural activities such as flower crafting, kapa and bookmark making, and causal hulas and storytelling.

Marriott Wailea Luau Activities

These activities are up close and personal. Here you can see the coconut milk coming from the split in the coconut shell that has just been opened.

Marriott Maui Luau Warrior

After a kalua pig has roasted for several hours in the covered underground pit - imu - it is uncovered in a ceremony at the beginning of the luau.

Marriott Maui Luau Imu

At around 6pm, the torch lighting and conch shell alert you that the luau buffet is open. You serve yourself the luau food at a buffet style group of tables.

Marriott Wailea Luau Buffet

Unlike the endless rows of tables like at some luaus, at the Marriott Wailea luau you sit at individual tables.

Marriott Maui Luau Fire Stage

The luau grounds are in a natural setting. The stage has the ocean and the island of Kahoolawe as the backdrop.

Marriott Wailea Luau Tahitian Dancers

The Wailea Marriott luau is timed with the setting sun to provide a colorful ocean view natural background during the early part of the show. Often a red sunset backlights the dancers.

Marriott Maui Luau Dancer

Several Polynesian and Hawaiian dances highlight the luau. Maui Luau Wailea Dancer

Once the sky is dark, the stage is lit up with the burning torches of the Samoan fire knife dancer.

Marriott Maui Luau Fire Dancer

The grand finale of the Samoan fire knife dance marks the end of the luau around 8pm.

Marriott Wailea Luau Fire Dancer

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