Maui Luau Shows

Maui luau shows wrap an entertaining evening around Hawaiian history and culture.

Most Maui luaus merge Hawaiian dancing and music into a more general Polynesia show which includes other cultures such as Samoa, Tonga, and Tahiti.

But the Old Lahaina Luau show does not include Polynesian performances such as the grand finale for the other Maui luaus - the Samoan fire knife dancers. That's because the Old Lahaina Luau only includes authentic Hawaiian food, crafts, and hula dances.

So I will break this page down into two parts - Hawaiian hula and performances from other Polynesian islands.

Hawaiian Hula

Hula dancers use three common accompaniments to hula: dried gourd - ipo, split bamboo - puili, and feathered gourd - uli uli.

You may see two types of hula at a Hawaiian luau. The first type is hula kahiko - ancient style hula performed to the accompaniment of chants, drums and other percussion instruments.

The second type is hula auana - the graceful modern hula performed to the accompaniment of songs and Western syle musical instruments such as the ukulele, double bass, and guitar and steel guitar.

Polynesian Music and Dance

New Zealand. Luau dancers perform poi balls dance to imitate the rhythms of nature. Another popular show is menacing New Zealand Maoris - the mean looking warriors, often with tattooed faces, that hang their tongues out at you.

The grand finale for most luaus is the Samoan fire knife performance.

The Old Lahaina Luau gets high ratings from Frommer's Maui travel guide -

"... authenticity, intimacy, hospitality, cultural integrity, sheer romantic beauty have made this Maui's top luau."

Photo by Alex McLeod

Old Lahaina Luau hula dancers Hawaiian Hula Dancers

New Zealand Maori Warrior at
the Maui Westin Luau Maui Westin Luau maori

Photo by All About Travel

Maui Luau Fire Dancers are an exciting finale to many Maui luaus.

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