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Lahaina Restaurants Map Descriptions

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Mala Ocean Tavern
This new restaurant near the Mala wharf in far north Lahaina offers gourmet food in a casual ocean side setting. Mala Ocean Tavern is a short drive from the main Front Street shopping area, or combine a meal at Mala with a visit to the Lahaina Cannery Mall.
1307 Front Street, Lahaina (808) 667-9394
Mala Ocean Tavern review and menu

Hard Rock Cafe at 900 Front Street in Lahaina on Maui
Hard Rock Cafe
The Hard Rock Cafe has tables facing Front Street, high energy level, loud rock music, rock memorabilia hanging on walls, and extravagant desserts. But you may experience marginal service and food.
900 Front Street, Lahaina (808) 661-9951
Hard Rock Cafe review and menu

Bubba Gumps at 889 Front Street in Lahaina on Maui
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
Bubba Gump's has an ocean view, medium prices, varied menu (including seafood and kid options), friendly waitpersons (if not busy periods), and lots of activities (including a gift shop). Lunch does not have the long wait times (20+ minutes) and rushed service like the busy evening period.
889 Front Street, Lahaina (808) 661-3111
Lahaina Bubba Gump Shrimp Company review

Lahaina Cheeseburger in Paradise at 881 Front Street on Maui
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Cheeseburger in Paradise has reasonable prices, sunset ocean view, and live entertainment upstairs on most evenings. Try them for breakfast or lunch to avoid the long table wait times and rushed service during the sunset busy period.
811 Front Street, Lahaina (808) 661-4855
Cheeseburger in Paradise review and menu

Lahaina Pizza Company
Deep dish pizza on Maui? You get Lahaina Pizza Company (formerly BJ's Chicago Pizzeria) when you combine the best pizza on Maui with an ocean view balcony and live entertainment in the evenings.
730 Front Street, Lahaina (808) 661-0700
Lahaina Pizza Company review

Penne Pasta Cafe at 180 Dickenson Street in Lahaina on Maui
Penne Pasta Cafe
The Penne Pasta Cafe is part of a group of popular restaurants - Mala Ocean Tavern and Maui Tacos - and they all share a nice combination of casual atmosphere, exotic food, and reasonable pricing. Just a block from the Front Street crowds gives Penne Pasta a more intimate setting.
180 Dickenson Street, Lahaina (808)661-6633
Penne Pasta Cafe review and menu

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