Lahaina Pizza Company (formerly BJs Chicago Pizzeria)

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Deep dish pizza from Lahaina Pizza Company (formerly BJs Chicago Pizzeria)on Maui Lahaina Pizza Company (formerly BJs Chicago Pizzeria) on Maui combines what is considered by many to be the best pizza in Hawaii with an ocean view balcony and live entertainment in the evenings.

Their motto is something like 'The pizza worth waiting for', and you should take this literally. Even after ordering, the pizza takes 20-30 minutes to be prepared - some vacationers find this wait to be excessive.

There is live entertainment most evenings, which helps the wait go quickly. But some vacationers find the live music to be too loud.

To find the Lahaina Pizza Company, look for their sign, because they are not on the ground floor at street level. While the second floor balcony with tables overlooking 730 Front Street is easy to see from the street, you have to go through what looks like a retail store entry hallway to get to the stairs to go up to the restaurant.

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There are many tables 'in the back', so we make sure to at least get a table that is towards the balcony, even if we have to wait longer. But if you like to have a buffer between you and the volume of the live music, the back area is the place to be.

Because there is only a small price difference between the small and large sizes, we get a large and take leftovers with us. The next day, this pizza tastes just as good as it did at the restaurant.

Penne Pasta Cafe at 180 Dickenson Street in Lahaina on Maui The deep dish pizza is just as good as the reputation. Maybe Chicago locals will notice some differences, but for us Maui vacationers, this is about as close to real Chicago deep dish pizza as we will get.

If you are looking for a thin crust pizza, we like the Penne Pasta Cafe just a few blocks off Front Street on Dickenson Street in Lahaina.

The Penne Pasta Cafe is part of a group of restaurants which includes Mala Ocean Tavern and Maui Tacos.

Feel free to print out this review and take it with you to Maui. You can also read and print my other Lahaina restaurant reviews.

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