Lahaina Fast Food Restaurants

Need a quick fix at Lahaina fast food restaurants with food more familiar and less gooey than poi?

This page will help you find the many fast food restaurants in Lahaina.

You can have the standard fast food fare from familiar chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys and Subway.

Lahaina also offers local and fast eateries such as Kahuna Kabobs, Maui Tacos and Aloha Mixed Plate.

Lahaina Fast Food Restaurants on Front Street

Lahaina fast food restaurant Subway in the multilevel Wharf Cinema Center on Front Street You can eat fast and healthy at the Subway in the Wharf Cinema Center at 658 Front Street. The Wharf is across the street from the Banyan Tree Park - a fast stop from nearby Lahaina Harbor after you unload from your boat trip or surfing lesson.

At the north end of Lahaina, Cheeseburger in Paradise has good burgers and fries, but if you want them fast you need to avoid lunch and sunset dinner rush periods. We had some fun in the pictures below. The left picture is the huge PROMOTIONAL plastic cheeseburger they offer for vacation pictures. In the right picture is an ACTUAL cheeseburger (with no cheese and ketchup only) - much smaller, but still a big burger.

A Lahaina fast food restaurant - Cheeseburger in Paradise on Front Street. A Lahaina fast food restaurant - Cheeseburger in Paradise on Front Street.

Lahaina fast food restaurant Aloha Mixed Plate on Front Street in far north Lahaina In far north Lahaina, Aloha Mixed Plate at 1285 Front Street (across Front Street from Safeway at the Lahaina Cannery Mall) serves the common man's plate lunch.

According to the New York Times newspaper, Aloha Mixed Plate is ...where paper plate meets million dollar view.

Lahaina Fast Food Restaurants Near Front Street

Many Lahaina fast food restaurants are within a few blocks of Front Street. In the middle of Lahaina, take Papalaua off of Front Street. Within a few blocks, you will see

Quiznos (170 Papalaua)

McDonalds (885 Wainee Street, which intersects Papalaua)

• a local spot for your Mexican food fix - Maui Tacos (840 Wainee Street - Lahaina Square).

If you continue on Papalaua another couple blocks, then turn left (north) onto Honoapiilani Highway, you will see some more fast food restaurants, including a new Subway at 910 Honoapiilani Highway.

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