Jaws Maui Directions

Use Mile Marker signs to locate your stops on the Road to Hana.The Jaws maps below are focused on the area close-in to your final steps to get to Jaws. If you want a more general orientation to where Jaws is located on Maui, visit my Jaws Maui Map Location page.

Watch for the green Mile Marker signs on the side of the road to help you find the Jaws Maui location.

Driving Directions to Jaws

This Google map is just a static image of the interactive Google map below, which often loads slowly and sometimes doesn't load.

Using the Kahului airport (where you probably arrived in Maui) as a reference point, head east along the north shore of Maui on highway 36 (road to Hana). Between mile markers 13 and 14, turn left at Hahana Road. Once this paved road ends, you are on a private dirt road owned by Maui Land and Pineapple.

If it's dry enough you may be able to drive. Otherwise you hike for over a mile until you get to the Peahi cliffs that tower over Jaws and serve as your observation area.

So going to Jaws is not as simple as driving up to a parking lot.

There is no driving or parking infrastructure to support spectators - you could end up walking from the Hana Highway to the coast.

Still thinking you will drive to see the big waves? The short video at the bottom of this page gives you a good perspective of the private dirt road you may be driving on to reach Jaws.

Jaws Interactive Google Map

View driving directions to Jaws on Maui on this live interactive Google map.

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NOTE. Sometimes this large interactive Road to Hana map does not display below if the provider Google is experiencing a glitch in sending the map, or if your internet connection is slow.

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Directions to Maui Jaws Video

This video shows the last leg of your journey to Jaws down a rough dirt road. Most of the abandoned vehicles have been recently removed. This mile and a half recently graded dirt road is usually drive-able in dry weather, but a random frequent rain can turn this road into a mud pit.

Click on the PLAY button in the image below to view the video.

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