Grand Luau at Honua'ula Show

The Grand Wailea Luau show in south Maui offers a 'Cirque du Soleil' style theme to provide a unique evening that is like no other Maui luau:

Pre-show Activities 5pm-6pm
• Lei greeting
• Hawaiian lawn games
• Temporary tattoos
• Pre-show hula lesson
• Wedding tribute hula
• Photos with cast members in full costume

Torch Lighting, Imu Ceremony & Dinner 6pm-7pm

Luau Show: The Voyage - 7pm-8pm

The Migration - Full Cast Hula
The story of the migration made long ago by the Tahitians depicts the wild and rugged ocean conditions as the Tahitians journey north across the Pacific Ocean in search of a new home and life.

Dream Hula - Solo Hula
In a smooth and sultry solo dream dance, the dancer is dressed in shells that reflect light from all angles as she glides across the stage.

Kahekili - Men's Ancient Hula
The men carry weapons through the audience as if hunting while they make their way to the stage for men's ancient hula with battle cries and chants, paying homage to the strength and agility of Kahekili, Maui's most feared ruler chief.

Pele's Voyage - Women's Ancient Hula
Madame Pele travels across the Pacific in search of a new home to continue her craft of lava, portrayed with vibrantly colored costumes and hula.

The Mo'o - Hula and Stilt Walkers
The Mo'o forest is deep in the Hawaiian forest where a mythical lizard - the Mo'o - dwells. The Mo'o has magical strength and is protective of his domain. Pele's younger sister, Hi'iake, goes on a quest for Pele and comes upon the lair of the great Mo'o, who will only let Hi'iake pass though if she plays a game of chance and solves a riddle.

Swing Hula
The sailors down at the docks interact with hula girls in a play acting fun dance that utilizes hula accessories from the time period when jump and swing were introduced to Hawaii.

Naulu: Parachute Cloud & Hula
The fabric of the parachute used as a cloud comes alive in a way that cannot be duplicated by hula movement of human hands.

Fire Knife: Four Man Fire Knife Dance
The synchronized dancers swing and move and punch their fire knives through the air.

Ifi So'o: Master Ifi So'o Fire Knife
Maui's only three time World Fire Knife Champion completes the show with a fire knife performance that only Ifi So'o, the master, can provide. The other four fire knife dancers then join him for a Fire Knife Grand Finale.

After the Show
At the conclusion of the show, luau guests can take photos with cast members in costume.

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Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau
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Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau

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