Free Maui Hula Show at Kaanapali

The best Maui free hula show I have found is in Whalers Village at the Kaanapali Beach Resort.

This page includes details on the location and show schedule, as well as pictures and video of the talented group of dancers in this energetic show.

This show approaches the quality of a Maui luau - outdoor but protected setting, close up seating and good sound acoustics, professional quality dancers and musical accompaniment.

Free Kaanapali Show Schedule

The free Polynesian Hula show is usually Mondays and Saturdays at 7PM.

In addition to the this free Polynesian hula show, other free activities include a Tahitian dance show show, hula lessons, lei making classes, coconut husking demonstrations and arts and crafts.

View more days and times for all these shows, as well as a calendar view, at my Whalers Village Free Activities Schedule page.

Free Maui Hula Show Video

My free Maui hula show video of the Tahitian Dance show at Whalers Village communicates the excitement and energy of this show.

Click on the PLAY button in the image below to view the video.

Kaanapali Activities

Kaanapali Beach is just a few steps away through the shopping area. Or go upstairs and visit the Whalers Village Museum.

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Whalers Village at
Kaanapali Beach Resort

The free Maui hula show is held at just after sunset in Whalers Village at the Kaanapali Beach Resort.

The free Maui hula show in Whalers Village at the Kaanapali Beach Resort is a professional production.

Center stage is an open air performance court with trees and grass right in the middle of shopping.

The free hula shows are held at the outdoor Center Stage in Whalers Village at Kaanapali.

The motivation for the mall to provide a free show is that you might also make some purchases at the stores.

Whalers Village Parking

Parking is an issue if you are not staying at Kaanapali. There is paid parking (3 free hours with a $15 purchase at any store) just to the right (north) of Whalers Village. Look for this Maui beach access parking sign just to the left (south) of the entrance to Whalers Village.

We arrived at a popular time - sunset - and searched in vain for an empty space in the paid lot before giving up and exiting the lot.

But we got lucky and found one empty space in the free parking spaces in a lot just to the left (south) of Whalers Village - look for the blue Shoreline Access sign.

At Whalers Village, the free parking spaces have BEACH PARKING painted on the asphalt. You have to be careful in this lot - you can only use a few spaces that have BEACH PARKING painted on the asphalt.

Some of these spaces are intermingled with reserved spaces - that's how we found ours.

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