Free Maui Hula Show Kaanapali Schedule

View the free Maui Hula Show at Kaanapali schedule of events at Whalers Village on Maui in the image at the bottom of this page.

Schedule.The general schedule for these free Whalers Village activities. All live shows are held at the Center Stage on the lower level of Whalers Village:
• The free Polynesian Hula show is Mondays and Saturdays at 7PM
• The free Tahitian Dance show is Wednesdays at 7PM
• Free lei making class - ti leaf, haku, and wili style leis - Tuesdays and Fridays 11AM to 1PM
• Learn the ancient art of hula - free hula lessons Wednesdays at noon and Thursdays at 3PM
• Arts and Crafts Mondays at 11AM
• Coconut Husking Demonstrations at noon on Sundays
• Rotating shows most Sunday evenings

If you want to read more about the free hula show at Whalers Village, visit my Free Maui Hula Show at Kaanapali page.

Free Maui Hula Shows Schedule for Whalers Village at Kaanapali Resort

The image above displays the general schedule - be sure to verify activity dates and times with Whalers Village either:
• When you are on Maui.
• Now, by viewing the Whalers Village activity calender for this month [NOTE: This link opens up a new browser window at the Whalers Village website, then you click on the image of the calendar on their website.]

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