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Feast at Lele Luau

My Maui luau review of the Lahaina Feast at Lele Luau menu and show, schedule and time, ticket prices and reservations, location and parking, pictures and video.

You will like the Feast at Lele IF...

• You prefer the most upscale of the Maui luaus for couples, where kids are scarce.

You don't want to wait in a long buffet line - you prefer to be seated at your table and served a four course meal in style.

• You desire exquisite cuisine for the sophisticated palate disguised as luau food. According to Travel & Leisure magazine, ...this is the most fabulous cooking on Maui.

• You prefer a smaller audience and more intimate experience than at the larger luaus.

• You want to dine close to the beach, with the setting sun over the ocean as a backdrop to the luau show.

Feast at Lele Luau Menu & Show

View my detailed Feast at Lele menu and show page.

The Feast at Lele menu and show are choreographed differently than most luaus - where everyone goes to get their food at the buffet line, then returns to the table and eats, then watches the show.

At the Feast at Lele, the show is presented between each of four courses that you are served at your table by waitpersons.

This means you are served a specialty dish representing a Polynesian island, then watch a show from that island, and then repeat that serving/show cycle several times.

Feast at Lele
Ticket Prices & Reservations

My Feast at Lele Ticket Prices and Reservations page includes prices for adults and children.

Feast at Lele Schedule

The Feast at Lele schedule is convenient for Maui vacationers - the luau is held seven nights a week.

Feast at Lele Location and Parking

The Feast at Lele setting is right on the beach at the south end of Lahaina in the 505 Front Street outdoor shopping mall.

Paid parking is available in some low ceiling basement spaces under the 505 Front Street shopping area and at a lot across the street.

But there is a rare free parking lot on Front Street just north of the luau.

Feast at Lele Pictures

My Feast at Lele Pictures page is for you if you want to view large pictures of this Lahaina luau, such as this picture of Tahitian dancers at the Feast at Lele in Lahaina on Maui.

Inside Information
The Feast at Lele luau food is provided by two upscale restaurants - I'o and Pacific 'O, run by Executive chef James McDonald.

Randy Willis on Maui My Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele
Menu and Show

Feast at Lele
Ticket Prices and Reservations

Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele

Samoan Fire Knife Dancer
Samoan fire knife dancer at the Feast of Lele luau

Inside Information
The Feast at Lele was developed as a traditional Polynesian luau alternative to the Old Lahaina Luau, which limits itself to Hawaiian food and dance.

505 Front Street in Lahaina
The Feast at Lele luau location is 505 Front Street in south Lahaina.

Feast at Lele Videos

My Feast at Lele Luau Videos let you experience the sounds and movement of the luau to help you decide if this is the right luau for you.

Feast at Lele luau in Lahaina on Maui

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