Feast at Lele Luau -
Ticket Prices and Reservations

You can budget these approximate amounts for Feast at Lele tickets and reservations:
• $125 for adults
• $94 for children (2-12)

Visit the Feast at Lele website (this link opens a new browser window) or call 808-667-5353 to talk to them directly.

Because of its uniqueness and relatively small seating capacity, the Feast of Lele is more likely to sell out than the larger hotel luaus.

So I recommend that you inquire into Feast at Lele ticket availability either before you go to Maui, or early during your stay there.

Beware of companies offering Feast at Lele ticket discounts and coupons. The Old Lahaina Luau and the Feast at Lele Luau don't rely on ticket discounts and coupons to sell tickets.

They are the only luaus on Maui that are not associated with a hotel, are managed by the same company, and rely on their unique appeal to specific types of vacationer.

Savings Alert
If your teenager prefers a three dollar hot dog to a multicourse meal featuring strange fish foods, you may want to look over the detailed menu before shelling out over $100 for their seat.

Discover why the Feast at Lele may be the best Maui luau for you at my Feast at Lele Review page.

Ticket Alert
Feast at Lele luau ticket price, schedule and availability will vary, either by season or how close you are to the date you want to attend the luau.

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Feast at Lele
Menu and Show

Feast at Lele
Ticket Prices and Reservations

Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele

Savings Alert
There is a rare free parking lot on Front Street just north of the Feast at Lele luau.

Cost Alert
Since food is served to your table at the Feast at Lele luau, most vacationers end up leaving a bigger tip than at buffet luaus. If you tip, factor this into your luau cost.

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