Feast at Lele Luau -
Menu & Show

The Feast at Lele menu and show are choreographed differently than buffet luaus. At the Feast at Lele, the show is presented between each of four courses that you are served at your table by waitpersons.

Being served gourmet cuisine at your table, rather than waiting in line for buffet food, is a contributing reason why many vacationers choose the Feast at Lele.

Polynesian Appetizers - Banana, taro & sweet potato chips served with a tropical ginger and ogo seaweed salsa. Their signature drink is Banana Madness - banana purée blended with pineapple juice, coconut milk & Irish Cream.

First Course: Hawaii
• Imu roasted kalua pig
• Pohole fern shoots & heart of palm salad
• Fresh island fish with mango sauce
• Poi

Show. Hawaiian hula dance including hula auana - the graceful modern hula performed to the accompaniment of songs and Western syle musical instruments and hula kahiko - an ancient style of hula performed to the accompaniment of chants and percussion instruments.

Second Course: New Zealand
• Sea bean duck salad with poha berry dressing
Kuku patties - Maori fishcakes with mussels, salmon & scallops
Harore Kumara - roasted mushrooms, orange sweet potatoes, onions & garlic

Show. Maori Haka, an aggressiuve war dance used to intimidate enemies (These are the mean looking men with painted faces that stick out their tongues at you)! Women perform poi balls dance to imitate the rhythms of nature.

Third Course: Tahiti
Fafa - Steamed chicken & taro leaf in coconut milk
Iota - Raw fish marinated in coconut milk with cucumbers, cilantro, carrots, Maui onions & tomatoes
• Baked scallop on the shell

Show. Tahiti dance in elaborate costumes and headresses with drums. (Lots of hip shaking).

Fourth Course: Samoa
Supasui - grilled steak with soy, ginger & guava glaze
• Shrimp with avocado & papaya in passion fruit dressing
Palusami - breadfruit cooked with young taro leaf in coconut cream
• Dessert - caramel macadamia nut tart, haupia coconut pudding, chocolate truffles & tropical fruit

Show. Samoan Slap Dance & Fire Knife Dancer

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Feast at Lele
Menu and Show

Feast at Lele
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Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele

Feast at Lele Show

New Zealand
Poi Ball Dancers
New Zealand poi ball dancers at the The Feast at Lele luau in Lahaina

Tahitian Dancers
Tahitian dancers at the Feast at Lele luau in Lahaina on Maui

Samoan Fire Knife Dancer
Samoan fire knife dancer at the Feast of Lele luau

Show Alert
A traditional luau event -
the uncovering of a roast kalua pig from an imu pit -
does not occur at the Feast at Lele.

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