Discount Maui Luaus

This page helps you select the best discount Maui luau to match your budget and expectations. And I list some free Maui shows that will give you a similar show to a luau, if you are willing to skip the luau meal.

Child Discounts at Maui Luaus

Most Maui luau discounts result from different reduced rates for adults and children. Some luaus even let children under a certain age attend for free - often on selected days of the week, called 'family nights'.

Hula lessons on stage at the Royal Lahaina luau on Maui.

Also, the Royal Lahaina Luau sometimes offers one free child with each paid adult, and the luau fills up with families.

These luaus are noisier and more crowded, but more affordable and are more likely to have the familiar foods that youngsters want. And kids and teenagers love luaus where there are lots of other kids and teenagers!

Free Maui Hula Shows

Free Maui hula shows Want to see a luau show, but not spend any money? Some shopping areas offer free Maui hula shows and Hawaiian activities with the hope that you will shop at some stores during your visit to their mall.

Beware Discounted Maui Luaus from Timeshare Sales

Beware of free Maui luaus (or vastly reduced Maui luau pricing) offered by activities brokers Beware of activity merchants offering free Maui luaus or vastly reduced Maui luau pricing. These booths are especially numerous along Front Street in Lahaina.

Lowest Maui luau price for an adult starts at about $75 and goes over $100 for some luaus. If an offer for a Maui luau seems too good to be true, it probably is not a real offer.

I have not received positive feedback from Maui vacationers who use activity booths.

A recent advertisement: ... cordially invites you to an orientation on vacation ownership in Hawaii. ...In order to receive your free Maui Luau tickets for participating in this promotion, guests must complete an informative 90-120 minute presentation and meet the following guidelines...

Presentations take up a lot of your scarce vacation time, the 90-120 minute time expands if you resist purchasing whatever the broker is selling, and luau selection and available dates are restricted.

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